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About Me

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I am Matthew Harris.  I am a licensed professional counselor (license #2018040812) providing in-home and on-location counseling services in the Hannibal, Monroe City, and Palmyra areas.  I have dedicated the last 15 years of my life to helping people and will strive to provide the best support I can for the people I serve for the remainder of my career. 


Many people, in a variety of situations, have allowed me to enter into their lives in order to help them. My education (bachelor's degree in psychology and sociology, master's degree in counseling) has certainly contributed to my successes with helping others, but the most critical lessons have come from the people who have welcomed me into their lives for support.  Through these experiences I have developed a style of helping based in respect, choice, and genuine care for the people I support.


I have had unique opportunities to work with people outside of the typical clinical model - in their homes, at their jobs, in their communities - and have found there is great value to supporting people where they live.  To put in the work where life takes place.  I have also had unique opportunities to work largely outside of the insurance directed model, allowing me to provide support in the best way for the people I am helping, not directed by the best interests of the insurance companies.

Real Help Mobile Counseling was created in order to continue helping people in the best ways possible, directed by and for the best interest of the people I support. 

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