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Why Mobile Counseling?


Meeting people where they live, work, and play can be an effective way to provide real help for real change in people’s lives for a variety of reasons.


Meeting in your environment is often more convenient for you – eliminating the need to travel to an office, reducing the interruption to your day.

Meeting in your environment often reduces the anxiety of entering into the helping relationship – we meet on your terms, not mine.


Meeting in your environment helps me to better understand you and your situation – I can often learn more from a few hours in your setting than I might from months meeting in an office.


Meeting where you live helps you to more genuinely be yourself, and that is an important part of the therapeutic process.

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We can meet at your home, where you work, or where you like to be. As long as the location is safe, we have the right to be there, and we can maintain an appropriate level of privacy – we can really meet wherever you like. Just a few examples:

  • Meeting you at your private office or walking with you on your lunch break, minimizing interruptions your already busy week.

  • Working your family at your home or at the local park, seeing how your family dynamics play out in real life (not just talking about them).

  • Counseling you or your loved one who are homebound, live in a facility, or have limited transportation.

  • Meeting your or your child on a hiking trail instead of sitting in an unnatural office environment.

  • Meeting you on your farm, as to not interrupt your busy day and to maintain the highest level of privacy.

  • We can discuss any scenario that would be beneficial to your situation.

Privacy should be considered when we choose a location, and at times we may need to make adjustments along the way. More sensitive situations likely will require a higher level of privacy than other situations. For some people and situations the highest level of privacy needs to be maintained and that can be achieved very well with mobile counseling – consider meeting at your private residence vs. coming into a busy clinic, or meeting at your farm or cabin vs. parking outside of a therapy office. For others, a lower level of privacy may be maintained and provided in locations such as a business office, the back corner of a coffee shop, sitting on a bench at a park, or walking on a trail together.

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With the busyness of life, combining multiple tasks together can be ideal and in certain circumstances that may be possible with Real Help Mobile Counseling. In certain circumstances it may be possible to meet during work or leisure activities.  Meeting with a farmer in the field or a businessperson at their office can be the difference in whether you are able to access support or not.  We can also meet while your children are playing in the yard or at the park, while you exercise (walking, jogging, lifting weights), while completing chores around the house, or during recreation (fishing, swimming, shooting hoops, playing pool, etc.).  I've found that having an activity to focus on can actually oftentimes help, rather than hinder, the therapeutic process.  


If you’ve read this far and do not feel Real Help Mobile Counseling is a good fit for your needs, it very well may not be.  I encourage you to look at this list of other local providers and resources and contact them regarding the services they have available. If you think Real Help Mobile Counseling might be a good fit, but are not sure of where or how you would want to meet, please feel free to reach out to me to discuss.

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