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Why Mobile Counseling?

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There are definite advantages to meeting with you where you live, work, and play. The therapeutic relationship often grows at a quicker pace when I can be immersed in your life, not just relying on what you report to me while we talk for 50 minutes a week at my office. An afternoon spent at your home, place of work, favorite hiking trail, or cabin getaway will often provide more insight into your situation than weeks or months of sessions at my office can provide.

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Privacy should certainly be considered when selecting a location for us to meet. And this can mean different things for different people. Mobile counseling can be the most private service available, meeting away from others and never having to come to an office. It can also be provided in a more public setting that meets your lifestyle needs, while still providing discretion.

Privacy doesn’t always mean that we must be completely alone. It can often be maintained even in a busy work environment (for example in your private office or conference room) or in public (walking together around town or sitting together at select businesses).

It may be possible to combine our time together with other parts of your life such exercise (walking, jogging, lifting weights, etc.), recreation (fishing, swimming, playing pool, etc.), or chores (we can talk while you are doing laundry, cooking dinner, or completing yardwork).

We can meet at a business office provided there is enough privacy and having a visitor to your place of business would be appropriate.  We can also meet at other locations such as a hiking trail, local park, restaurant or coffee shop - once again considering privacy factors and the content that will be worked on during the session (more sensitive and emotional topics may require more privacy than more mundane topics). 

If you do not have a place in mind, we can certainly discuss options. It may also be that mobile counseling is not what you in need of and one of these other service providers will better be able to meet your needs (LINK).

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