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Invest in Your Well-Being

How much have you invested in your current well-being? We are told to invest in a good car, a home, retirement. We invest in our careers, our children, our furniture, clothes, education. Why don’t we invest in ourselves more often?

Invest your time, thought, effort, and yeah… some money, into your mental health. It will be worth it!

When your car breaks down, or the air conditioner to your home goes out, few of us question the need to spend the money to get these things fixed. When we have a physical ailment, we will find a way to get the care we need – whether that be first aid at home or a costly emergency room visit. Shouldn’t we be putting at least that much intention to taking care of our mental well-being?

For some people, several sessions of therapy can make a world of difference. Several hundred dollars spent to get real help toward bettering your life for all your years to come. In other circumstances, the need may be much greater, requiring intensive and/or long-term supports. In relation to the situations above, this larger mental health need may be equivalent to needing to replace your car, re-roof your house, or pay for a surgery. You know from these physical needs examples that if you go without, the damage almost always worsens - these mental health situations are similar in this respect. If the need is not met, the mental, physical, relational, and financial costs will often continue to add up over the years and decades to come.

Be wise – take care of yourself, and do so as early as possible, so you can enjoy all the things life has to offer.

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